About Us

Rising Tokens is a popularity and price-tracking tool for crypto projects. Its mission is to make it easy for crypto projects to be discoverable and empower investors with accurate, unbiased information. Rising Tokens was developed with 2 goals in mind: create a platform for users to vote and discover the latest and greatest crypto projects and create a platform to allow crypto project owners to instantly list their projects, with 0 wait time and have it promoted by their community and new users from Rising Tokens.

Our company is a subsidiary of Gorilla Diamond Inc. (GDT). Rising Tokens is part of the GDT ecosystem which means every sale processed on the Rising Tokens platform distributes 10% of the sale amount back to holders of the $GDT token. Rising Tokens was developed as a proof-of-concept to the much larger DSM development of GDT scheduled for release at the end of 2021. All $GDT holders benefit from 10% transaction-reflections which are generated on each platform Gorilla Diamond Inc. develops.