Baby Trump Token

Baby Trump Token (BabyTrump)


Price: $0.0000000000
Market Cap: $9,900,000
Votes: 560

Launch Date: August 3, 2021


BabyTrump Token is a project that is bringing utility thru utilizing external API’s offered by uniswap, etherscan, and many other ethereum main net based application programming interfaces.

We currently offer on our exchange ( the ability to track redistribution gains on both of our tokens (Baby Trump and Stimulus Check) and the the ability for users to see detailed stats about our tokens on our analytics platform (

Future tools that we are building include:

Universal Gains Tracker (Track any redistribution gains from any ERC20 Token) [live]

Cryptocurrency Tax Form Generator (Autogenerates your govt required tax form based on type by using transaction history of your wallet address) [in progress]

Rug Checker (Scans a contracts source code for commonly used functions to pull liquidity / send all the liquidity to another wallet, checks if owner renounced, and checks if liquidity is locked) [in progress]