Price: $0.0000002958
Market Cap: $207,092
Votes: 546

Launch Date: August 16, 2021
BSC Contract Address:


BabyBilz pays BNB rewards even with Zero trading volume from staking profits. Only buys and sells are taxed, people can send to other wallets without being taxed. The 2% Dev tax in the form of BNB goes to their development wallet. The 8% rewards tax in the form of BNB goes to their staking wallet where they swap for cake and stake on Pancakeswap for a current 70% Apr investment. Every week they collect the interest earned, pay 90% to the holders and 10% goes back into the staking pool so even in weeks of $0 trade volume, the rewards technically will continue to grow. With their Poker / NFT Marketplace app you will be able to play poker for big prizes and sell your NFTs at the table.