Chainstake DEFI

Chainstake DEFI (CD)


Price: $0.0090000000
Market Cap: $1,900,000
Votes: 643

Launch Date: August 25, 2021
BSC Contract Address:


Chainstake DEFI CD is a solidity smart contract platform that facilitates a proof of stake P0S consensus algorithm. Users can create & deploy unlimited decentralized applications on the Chainstake Contract Chain CCC that will be launched in 2023. CD token is officially launched on the Binance Smart Chain BSC in August 2021 & will migrate onto the CCC in 2023. Users can run P0S nodes to secure the CCC.
Chainstake DEFI Mission Statement
Chainstake Contract Chain CCC is directly competing with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana & Avalanche & all other smart contract blockchains. By using up to 100% & a minimum of 45% of the entire supply of Chainstake DEFI CD tokens to secure the CCC network & process transactions, the CCC blockchain will be much faster & cheaper to use for all user & development functions, compared to all other smart contract platforms.