Just Another Shitcoin

Just Another Shitcoin (SHITCOIN)


Price: $0.0000000000
Market Cap: $44,636
Votes: 568

Launch Date: August 7, 2021
BSC Contract Address:


Just Another Shitcoin is the worlds first Crypto insurance protocol against Pricedumping, Honeypots and Rugpulls. Avoid scam, and invest in a more secure network of cryptocurrencies.

We establish insurances on tokens in any sizes, and secure the holders against the most common scam situations.

A Insurance from Just Another Shitcoin will show the project is legit, and there has been made a full deep scan of the tokens and the owners behind the project.

Just Another Shitcoin will be released in BETA in September 2021, and fully implemented in January 2022.

An insurance shall be seen as a extra level of security, and can be used instead or as a extra insurance to the liquidity lock.