Luffy (LUFFY)


Market Cap: $56,242,418
Votes: 514

Launch Date: August 4, 2021


Luffy is a community-driven token running on the Ethereum Network. The Luffy metaverse will include; NFT Marketplace, Dex Platform, and Interactive Games.

Luffy was born on August 4th 2021 with a single mission, building an entire ecosystem for holders and fans alike. Luffy is built on a foundation of transparency and open communication with the community. Day 1 burns and renouncing the contract put the full control of the Luffy token in the hands of every holder.

Core team Luffy was founded by CEO Terry. Almost immediately after launch, Luffy became very popular and a number of community members approached Terry with a desire to help. After working with each person, Terry selected key individuals who are proven experts in their specific area of focus. This allows Luffy to grow exponentially as each member contributes to the overall mission.

Q4 Roadmap Luffy has consistently delivered on each promise since it’s launch. Our goal is to be a serious token with real world ut