LunaPox 2.0

LunaPox 2.0 (LUNAPOX)


Market Cap: $3,778
Votes: 3

Launch Date: May 24, 2022
BSC Contract Address:


In the year of our Lord, 2022, a rare mutated strain of an infectious disease was deliberately leaked onto the blockchain from a US-funded Ukrainian BioLab, and quickly spread throughout the world. This particular pathogen is a strain of BEP-20, and would quickly become known as LunaPox2.0

What makes this particular pathogen so virulent, is that people who are infected with it automatically start to grow a LUNA-Wormhole MoonBag, just by holding LunaPox2.0 in their hot wallet.

🎉 Low Marketcap
💎 Diamond Floor
🔒 Locked LP
💪 Community Driven

💰 9% Buy/Sell Tax
💵 2% to LP
💵 2% to Marketing Wallet
💵 5% LUNA Reflections