Price: $0.0050000000
Market Cap: $400,000
Votes: 784

Launch Date: August 13, 2021
BSC Contract Address:


What is MELONx?

MELONx is the second project of the DRIVENecosystem; it is a charity project that was created specifically to help women all over the world who are currently battling breast cancer. We sincerely hope they succeed.

What is the mission of the MELONx?

Our mission is to create a cryptocurrency donation platform to assist over 2,500 women in their fight against breast cancer. Development of this application has already begun, and expect to be done by the end of this year.

The cryptocurrency donations platform will be our primary utility case since it is constructed on the blockchain, every transaction will be transparent, and people will be able to see that their money is going directly to the individual they want to help. Our primary mission is to assist over 2500 women in their fight against breast cancer.