Rocket Ecosystem

Rocket Ecosystem (RP1)


Price: $0.0000000000
Market Cap: $34,813
Votes: 727

Launch Date: January 28, 2022
BSC Contract Address:


Rocket Ecosystem is home to a series of tokens on the Binance
Smart Chain(BSC). RP1 is one of the tokens that makes up the
Rocket Ecosystem, and fun fact, it is actually a highly refined form
of kerosene and is the propellant for rockets. Its for this reason that
we have titled our token RP1. The system is fueled by the RP1
token. We are changing DeFi rewards one token at a time. RP1 is
the governance token for the Rocket Ecosystem and will serve as
the primary token for the Rocket Staking and Farming platform. All
operations surrounding our ecosystem will be self sustaining,
including RP1.Welcome to the age of Defi Passive Income, where
RP1 will be at the forefront of this interplanetary adventure.