SnowCat (SCAT)


Price: $10.0000000000
Market Cap: $600,000
Votes: 75

Launch Date: March 20, 2022


Greetings! Thank you for your interest in Snowcat DAO. Snowcat uses the standard DAO mechanics of staking and bonding but is configured to play out entirely in approximately 9 days: The normal treasury withdrawal function is disabled. The creators have no direct access to treasury funds. Staking rewards are given for the first 8 days
Bonding/minting is available for the first 5 days, building the treasury (3-day vesting). At the end of the first 8 days, the amounts in all treasury bonds besides SCAT-DAI LP are calculated: 80% is liquidated and used for SCAT buybacks & burns on the untouched SCAT-DAI LP within the next 24 hours and 20% is sent to the contract operators as an administration fee Part of the administration proceeds will be used for charitable donation. SCAT then becomes the meme token of the Avalanche ecosystem after 8 days