UCF Finance

UCF Finance (UCF)


Price: $150.0000000000
Market Cap: $15,000,000
Votes: 7

Launch Date: June 20, 2021
BSC Contract Address:


UCF Finance is a defi project developing by the group of enthusiastic people who loves the decentralization! The decisions and actions of UCF are made by its community through voting to assure equity and fairness for all service through UCF
We offer our holders not only static rewards but also a Buy-Back protocol incorporated into the contract.
Our community is dedicated to showing the world the positive impact crypto can have on future generations while creating financial independence for our holders.
Thank you so much for your participation! I’ll help you earn some UCF Finance (UCF)
UCF Finance (UCF) contract (BEP-20):
The EgyptStyle is a Official UCF NFT collection of up to 200,000 EgyptStyle Nefirtiti faces from museum that can only be created by exposing an existing UCF