Whale Exploder

Whale Exploder (WHEX)


Market Cap: $84,151
Votes: 5682

Launch Date: June 19, 2021
BSC Contract Address:


At the top of the tide pools we have WHEX or Whale Exploder, WHEX has the highest initial supply of over 999 Quintillion tokens This token has the highest tokenomics divided as follows:
Transaction fee into or out of WHEXcosystem: 42%
15% of every transaction is sent to a charity/burn wallet. Of that 15%, 58% is sold every two weeks and donated to a whale conservation charity, this sale is capped at 4.2% of liquidity in the WHEX/BNB pool.
The remainder is sent to a burn wallet. As of October 5th 2021 more than 14% of the initial token supply has been burned.
14% of every transaction is redistributed to the holders in the form of real-time reflections.
The remaining 13% goes into WHEX/BNB liquidity to stabilize the price impact of transfers.